Litech Root Certificate Authority

Litech Systems Design has created a Root Certificate Authority and uses this CA to sign all Litech-affiliated SSL servers. The CA certificate is valid until September 7, 2012. You will need to install the certificate for the Litech CA into your browser and other SSL-enabled software.

The Root CA certificate is available in the following formats:

FormatClickable certificate file Certificate file PGP signed by Nathan Lutchansky
PEM format (for OpenSSL and Mozilla)
DER format (for Internet Explorer)

For confirmation, the hash values are:

IE "fingerprint"FE:76:80:CC:D7:11:20:92:86:8F:75:5D:B1:B9:CC:25:00

If you would like to have your SSL certificate signed by this CA, create a new certificate signing request (CSR) with the following command:

	  openssl req -new -nodes -out my_server.csr -keyout my_server.key

For the questions, answer with reasonable values. The "Common Name" field MUST be the hostname of your SSL server. You may leave the "extra attributes" fields blank. Once you are finished, send the CSR to Nathan, who will send you a certificate (.crt) file for use on your server.

Last modified 2002-09-08 by Nathan Lutchansky