Kiri Wagstaff

  • Researcher (machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomy)
  • Student (geology, ballroom dance)
  • Reader (sci-fi and fantasy)
  • Writer (poetry and short stories)
  • Computer geek (linux and Mac)
  • Arranger of leaves
My background is in Computer Science, Planetary Science, and Geology. I am most interested in problems that lie at the interfaces between these fields, such as automated methods to investigate science questions using planetary data.

After receiving my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University in 2002, I worked for a year in the JHU Applied Physics Lab's Space Department. My two major projects dealt with space weather prediction and the fault protection system for the MESSENGER spacecraft. I currently work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Machine Learning Systems Group, investigating ways that machine learning can be used to improve the autonomy of space missions. I am also a Master's student in Geology at the University of Southern California, with Frank Corsetti as my advisor.

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At Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, 2006
(Speak softly!)

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